Performance Evaluation

Performance evaluation periods are January and July of each year. However, in CALIGO, performance evaluation is not only a periodic activity carried out during evaluation periods, but an ongoing live concept that can be summarized as immediate expression of their developmental areas with effective feedback principles and immediate utilization of developmental opportunities.

Receiving and giving effective feedback is a phenomenon of the process, not the moment, in CALIGO. This magic word is a concept we always mention under the umbrella of CALIGO. So, we believe we need to feed each other and we expect it from our employees at all levels without any exception. Performance targets are not only limited to fields of technical subjects, but also require to seek social and personal development goals.

CALIGO employees follow a career path from the level of Intern to Partner, of which all stages are defined and promotion criteria are clearly set. Our employees are expected to fulfil the following requirements for promotion to an upper career step:

- Unconditional commitment to CALIGO values,
- Success in periodic performance evaluations,
- To fulfil the requirements of the position worked in, in terms of experience and competence,
- To be technically and mentally ready to undertake the expected responsibilities in the next career step.