Data Integration and Regulatory Reporting

Since data warehouses are (expected to be) platforms where all the data in the organization are integrated/centralized, the impact of possible structural changes in operational systems on the data warehouse should be minimized. Its solution is to build source-independent data warehouse models.

What we have observed in almost all the organizations we have worked with is that data warehouses have become silos where operational system tables are continuously carried to and become unmanageable after a while. Parallel to this, infrastructural changes made in operational systems also create huge maintenance costs on data warehouses. Data warehouse models should be turned into source-independent models where the data in the source system is just carried, not source system structures are continuously carried to.

Datamart models in presentation layers should be as simple as possible, which creates as little IT dependency as possible for all reporting needs, and also provides minimal maintenance cost when checked by IT. In the process of transformation from reporting requirements to physical Datamart models, CALIGO has been providing consultancy and training services on creating "Industry Standard" (CLDM, BDW, TDW etc.) data warehouse models, building of integration solutions needed for compliance with local and international regulations (TFRS, IFRS, KVKK, GDPR, COBIT, BCBS, MASAK etc.), working on in-house data models to be created for the needs of the companies, performing health controls, forming standards and documentation methods with its experienced consultants in data modelling.