Our Values


• Being result-oriented.
• Walking through accessible but challenging targets.
• Having aesthetic concerns, not just focusing on functional needs.
• Focusing on customer and employee satisfaction unconditionally.
• Showing creative approach that is open to innovation.
• Avoiding of weak, inefficient solutions; focusing on the optimal solution.
• Working with high energy and passion.


• Sharing experiences.
• Being proud of success, taking lessons from failure altogether.
• Taking as a model, being willing to consult.
• Being a model, giving constructive and improving advices.


• Being recognized as a leader.
• Inspiring other, being a model to other and being followed up.
• Taking initiatives, encouraging to take initiatives.
• Being authentic, independent and objective.


• Adopting the transparency approach in communication, avoiding of prejudices and communicating openly.
• Communicating effectively with each level inside and outside CALIGO.
• Paying regard to the balance of sincerity and respect.
• Giving importance to feedback, make in-situ and timely feedbacks, and taking into account the feedback given.