Recruitment Process

In CALIGO, the recruitment process consists of verbal and, where necessary, written interviewing processes. The written interviews are Analytical Competence Test, Technical Assessment and DISC Personality Inventory. During the interviews, it is tried to be measured that whether candidates provide technical qualifications for the position to be worked on and whether they will be able to adapt to working under the umbrella of CALIGO in terms of their personal characteristics and social skills. Candidates, who are successful in the interview process, are subject to a trial period of 2 months together with the labour contract to be signed. Employees, who successfully pass the trial period, will now have taken their first step in their full-of-success CALIGO careers.
Pricing Policy

Employees are paid within limits of salary bands set for all positions. Salary bands are determined by taking into consideration the definition of the relevant position and sector averages. Salaries of employees are determined by including criteria such as technical and personal competence evaluations to be performed during interviews, previous work experience, foreign language level. Salary increases are determined as a result of the year-end performance evaluation process in January depending on both inflation and performance. In addition, employees can be rewarded with a performance bonus as a result of the 6-month performance evaluation process. Apart from the monthly salary and the annual bonus, meal cards and private health insurances are provided to all employees. Employees' spouses and children can also be included in group health insurance.
Apart from our employees’ rights of leave granted in the Labour Law and related regulations, we also grant the right of leave for their special days when we all agree that is necessary. CALIGO employees are with their children at their children’s school starting and ending days. In addition, they are on leave on their birthdays so that they can spend time with their beloved ones as much as they want.
Hobby & Sports Facilities

Employees are expected to be successful consultants in the field of Business Intelligence, as well as be people with hobbies, develop themselves personally and bring new features to employees of CALIGO in terms of personal development.

The Hobby Budget ,is the annual training budget that all employees can spend for their own hobbies and personal development towards this purpose. Using this budget, they can participate in educational programs with CALIGO support, such as language education, food courses, dance courses, sailing training.

With the Sports & Merits cooperation, CALIGO employees, who may have to work in multiple locations, have the freedom to work out freely in any Sports & Merits branch when they wish.