Social Responsibility

We identify our understanding of social responsibility and our priorities in this area with ethical and responsible approaches to observe the needs of our employees and community we live in, and economic, social and environmental benefits of them to ensure the sustainable development.

We do not accept any discrimination among CALIGO employees due to language, race, belief, religion, sect, physical disability or similar reasons. We enable people with different opinions and views to work in harmony. We aim to offer a healthy and safe unity observing today’s economic conditions and private life balance to ensures that our employees live a quality life.

We strive to contribute to the development of social life and leave a liveable world to next generations. We donate to charities on behalf of our employees to make special days even more meaningful; encourage our employees to be voluntary in social activities with a conscious of social responsibility, and we consider their success in the field of social responsibility as an important criterion in the path of personal development.