Who We Are

CALIGO was founded in 2015 to provide consultancy services in the field of Data Management and Business Intelligence. The experience and knowledge acquired in the sector-leading institutions in Turkey by its founders in the fields of Data Management and Business Intelligence, are the most important factor in determining the company's vision.
CALIGO aims to apply a cooperation method beyond setting the organization, working methods and standards, creating the communication / coordination with work users and responding to training needs, not just the implementation and operation of engineering solutions.

To combine the communication and technology and to adopt the continuous improvement with its employees and to add qualified, reliable and sustainable values to the processes it touches to.

In the process of transformation of data to information from the incubation period; to add value in the corporate information management of the enterprises with its analysing, processing, researching and consulting services, and to contribute to reaching the real potential of the institutions.

Muharrem İşeri

"Thinking technology- and/or product-oriented helps us not to make mistakes in the process from definition of the problem to the solution of it. Time has taught us that there is no absolute best technological solution every single time. The best thing is; is the implementation of sustainable and manageable solutions that overlap with the expectation of the institution, the institutional resources will not have trouble to apply in medium to long term. In this context, what is told in the most colourful presentations cannot unfortunately go beyond being the booklets that the top management reads. Exactly for this reason, we do not start to solve the problem through technical tools in our bags, I think that is our biggest plus value. "

He started his career as a consultant in different sectors with his start-up company experience and then, worked in different roles in SoftTech and Denizbank Business Intelligence departments. He is a founding partner of CALIGO and has started his new duty as of May 2015.

Umut İşcan

"Competitive market conditions and the regulations of authorities are causing business processes to be improved or changed within very short time intervals. As a result, the meaning, form and variety of data are changing day by day, and the business users wants to use data in the decision making process without depending on long IT processes. For these reasons alone, looking at Data Management as just a technological issue, evaluating it as a work based on rigid IT rules rather than business users’ priorities are negatively impacting the success of the projects. I see that we have established successful business partnerships with our customers in order to meet our customers' needs in the shortest possible time with our sector experience and project approaches as well as our technical know-how. "

He worked in technical positions in Treasury, Business Intelligence and MIS teams and as a mid-level manager in Fortis Turkey, Tekstilbank, SoftTech, Vodafone Turkey and Yapı Kredi respectively. He is a founding partner of CALIGO and has started his new duty as of May 2015.